Electricity From the Sea: UK Tidal Lagoons

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Mark Shorrck wants to build electricity stations in the sea around Britain.


He aims to get the first one into service by 2017

Built to last 150 years, this new National infrastructure project will see the equivalent of 3 Olympic size Swimming pools every second flooding through the generating halls of the breakwater


In this exclusive Roving Report, you will hear how Tidal Lagoons differ from the Severn Barrage, how they are going to be built, how half the 750 million pounds to build it could be spent on UK employment immediately a decision to go ahead is made.


Hear how the competing lobbyists for wind , solar and nuclear power bend the ear of Government and fog up the air for decisions


Building Tidal Lagoons, can be compared to the leap in infrastructure for Britain last achieved over 100 years ago by Isombard Kingdom Brunel.


With a Running length 30 Mins, this programme is a Roving Report Special by Terry Mechan

The programme has no station ID or advertisments and can be downloaded for re-broadcasting throughout the world as a Public Service or for individual listening


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