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Ruskin Mill Special Needs College

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Ruskin Mill College provides Practical Skills and Therapeutic Education for young people aged 16 to 25 years who have a range of learning difficulties, including autistic spectrum disorders and challenging behaviours.

We hear from Principal Elisabeth Johnson who tells how there is a threat from the political agenda of "localisation" where Local Authorities funding may not be allowed to fund students at the college after this term because they come from "out of area".

Caro Birtles, Assistant Principal, explains how she is trying to pull together a Transition to Work programme so that disabled students at the college don't come to a full stop when they leave.

She tells why some autistic pupils, unwilling to talk to people, will get close to animals

We hear from a student, Will, how the college has helped him learn the basics of milking and helping on a nearby farm and his hopes of getting a job  in London Zoo when he returns to his parent's home in London at the end of his this year

Two tutors, Airian Leijak, and Rich Pirle tell how they approach autistic, hyper active and emotionally damaged people to draw them into the world of Blacksmith and Woodland Skills as part of the curriculum for students who need a one to three tutor pupil ratio.


Originally Broadcast on Regional Radio with a Running length 58 Mins, this programme is a Roving Report by Terry Mechan


The programme has no station ID or advertisments and can be downloaded for re-broadcasting throughout the world as a Public Service or for individual listening


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