Russia and the Red Web

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The programme shows how Russian Society is completely different from the West.


According to Journalists, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, authors of the Red Web, the majority of it's citizens have never really understood the concept of democracy.


No committee decisions in Russia:- the Top Man had always decided everything.


And in order to maintain power, Social Network users and the Internet are closely monitored.

Anything that looks like dissent can lead you to prison for a few years to intimidate others.


And forget about the rule of Law.


In the absence of any detailed legal framework, disputes which once used to be solved by the Russian Mafia are now taken to the new Godfathers in Russia, The Police and the Security Services.


According to Soldatov and Borogan, this had led to widespread corruption in which owners of businesses are jailed so whole enterprises can be taken over.


The Red Web is a really interesting insight into Russia today


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