GCHQ Past, Present and Future

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In this programme, Professor Richard Aldrich gives us a personal insight into how GCHQ, in various guises, has been defending Britain's interests for over 100 years.


We hear of the difficulties and the successes of the intelligence services from the Cold War to the present day


How the Strategic Direction of Intelligence policy is controlled. and how the phenomenal growth of the Internet and Globalisation since 1990 has eliminated physical and virtual Borders leaving gaps in the seams for the bad guys to operate


We hear in some detail of the damage caused by Edward Snowden who, in revealing details of classified United States government surveillance programs, also dragged GCHQ's activities into the public eye.


We visit the very near future where there will be an internet of things and where our very infrastructure will be venerable to external cyber attacks and how GCHQ is working behind the scenes to advise, influence and strengthen security protection on privately owned systems.

Richard J. Aldrich is a Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick.His main research interests lie in the area of intelligence and security communities


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