Songs for Swinging Runners

(c) Terry Mechan


Once there was a runner, feeling sad one day
Went out for a run for to chase the blues away
He hadn't gone a few yards, when to his surprise
He met with two young ladies who joined him in his stride

Before he went much further he was joined by several more
Ladies even older, one was 94
Laughing, smiling, gaily, the ladies tripped along
And soon the crowd behind him was several miles strong


Running down the high street, he became a worried man
When a young guy with a handbag, joined them as they ran
The looking in a mirror well he saw a fearful sight
and changing gear like Captain Kirk
He hit the speed of light


Well, he was never seen again but even to this day
Everyone remembers when that runner came their way
And the message of this story should be plain to everyone
Always put your shorts on before you start to run