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Nowhere Road 2020

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Nowhere Road
© Terry Mechan 2020

We’re on the road to nowhere but
I know that you can’t see
Ruled by fools who change the rules
You’re just as blind as me
We’re heading down that Nowhere Road
Journey time, unknown
looking for a place we lost,
Looking for a home

If you know where you’re going
Think I’ll follow you.
This world is turning crazy now
And I ain’t got a clue
We’re on the Road to Nowhere
And getting there real fast
I ain’t got a future
And you ain’t got a past

The road is never ending
The sky is getting black
One thing’s sure for certain
We’re never going back
Back to Dot and Dabville
Inside the outer ring
Where no matter how you try
They’ll never let you in

Is Someone going to help us?
Take us by the hand
And  guide us out of Nowhere Road
Into the promised land
We sure could do with someone
Whoever it might be
To take us out of blindness
And help us both to see


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