We're Harriers

Recorded Live in 1979 on a cheapt Crown Tape Recorder so please excuse the quality of the recording

Hong Kong Royal South Side Hash Harriers (S2H3) first away weekend in Macao


We're Harriers




We're Harrier,s We're Harriers,

We run around while people stand and stare

We're Harriers, We're Harriers

We don't know where we're running and don't care


There are some funny running guys, you'll oftern see them round

Sometime they run round around the Peak, and sometime down the town

But you can never miss them, 'cause no matter where they wend,

You'll alway find that Harriers are half way round the bend




To Join the SouthSide Harriers, you must obey some rules.

Lile you must be over ninety, or just be still at school
And with every drink you take you must consume a pint of beer

And anybody slightly fit, gets thrown out on his ear




There's guys from Jardine's and The Banks and other Hongs around

There's even some from the MTR, but they run underground

And Government Oficials got a special way to train

They all run in committees, if they lose no one's to blame




Austrailians get up the front, cause some of them are fit

I guess it's kicking all the Poms that has a hand in it.

But if you want to slow them up, then really do it right

Just swap their tubes of Foster's Ale

For tubes of araldite





But the way they're building up Hong Kong,

It realy is a sin

There soon won't be a blade of grass

The put your trainers in

So when Wing On buys the Governor's House

To build a block of flats

Just bugger off to old Kai Tak

Don't bother to come back